Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hello March

March has, as usual, arrived all of a sudden.

I have been....

* Enjoying the spring flowers.


Narcissi growing in the garden and daffodils cut from the fields. They are springing up all over the island, their cheerful heads nodding in the wind.

* Admiring my some of my lovely birthday presents, including this lamp and these soap dispensers my clever sister made. The Kilner jar obsession continues!


* Feeling motivated. I've finally had my induction at the sazzy gym in our new Island Hall. This made me smile.

There is a water dispenser but of course to reduce waste people have labelled their plastic cups, very St. Martin's.

* Digging the veg patch over, weeding flower beds and planning this year's crop.

* Watching and willing this little man. He's grabbing, taking and sucking his feet. Moving from side to side....


.... And finally after I took this photo he rolled over! Very happy Marcus and very proud mummy.

* Loving the sunshine, loving the beautiful place where we live and loving my family.

x x x

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