Sunday, 27 April 2014

A few makes

I've finally finished a few projects that I have been pottering away with between baby naps and in the evenings.

I decided I wanted to give our living room a bit of attention. Unlike the other rooms in the house I really don't know what colour I want to paint it, even after 3 years of living here. I think I like it neutral but I'm not really ready to repaint all of the walls (it is a large room!) just to change the peachy shade of magnolia for something more chalky. It will have to wait! So I thought a few little changes would bring everything together. I decided to start with cushion covers. I wanted to make some without spending any money, I used left over fabric from previous projects and an old red throw-blanket.

These are the covers that I've made...

..and here they are with the cushions I already had. (Please note there is no way Barney would let me have all of these on one sofa, they are in fact spread across two sofas and the armchair and I've promised not to make anymore.)

I'm not overly convinced on the red but it's growing on me.

Two of my good friends have recently had new baby boys. I wanted to make a crochet blanket for baby Jowan. I really like the colours and would love to make a similar one for Marcus. 

For baby Roman I had a different idea, he is a fox cub after all being a member of the Foxworthy family! I made a taggy foxy for baby and a plain foxy for his older brother Ashton. I also made one for Marcus, he loves ribbons and different textures so I thought I'd try out making one for him first to see if the idea of a taggy fox would work.

I hope the Foxworthy boys enjoy their foxes as much as Marcus...

Having finished these WIPs I'm really looking forward to starting some new makes. I have some chunky wool waiting to become a cushion cover and have already ordered fabric for not one but two patchwork blankets. Watch this space...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I heart Devon

Marcus and I made an impromptu trip to the mainland for the Easter weekend. We flew direct to Exeter on standby and had three wonderful days with my family. I wasn't the only one with this idea, lots of my friends were in Devon doing the same thing so I got to catch up with them as well, a real bonus.

There was lots of gentle strolling around town and along the seafront, stopping for either breakfast, lunch or tea and cake. Marcus absolutely loved the attention and was a complete star. He was fascinated everywhere we went. I was discussing with Dad child friendly days out but really Marcus was more than happy in Costa Coffee, people, machines, noises, windows, what more could you want!

It was lovely spending time with my family and friends. It is the first time in ages I have been back to Devon without Barney. Being out and about with the girls and stopping at the Summer Shop for an ice cream was like going back in time 10 years.

I love St. Martin's but a piece of my heart will always belong to Devon.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Time flies and all that

Where did that day go? What with Marcus feeding and having solids, it is tricky to fit it all in. Three meals and five feeds takes up a lot of time! Just keeping on top of the basic household chores seems to fill the rest of the day. By the time Marcus is in bed I am well and truly shattered.

Having said all of that, this week I have begun to get used to the new routines. We are getting there with Marcus' weaning and sleeping. But mainly I am trying to be more organised and lower my expectations of what I can achieve in a day. Plus it is hard to grumble when I have this little monkey keeping me company.

We have also been getting out and about, because it is after all these memories that will stick with us.

Picnic on the beach with friends. Even having a first paddle in the sea!

A trip to Tresco, enjoying a trip to the play park for the first time and lunch at the pub.

Meeting the new baby of very good friends. So so exciting!

I am also enjoying the longer evenings. I have just finished planting some primulas and stacking the logs left from winter.

And chilling with Barney, ideally with a G and T in hand....

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

6 months

My gorgeous boy, 6 months old today.

You are such a smiley, friendly little man and charm anyone you meet.

You adapt to any new situation I put you in, absorbing new places, faces and tastes, your expressive eyebrows giving you away.

You love it when I kiss your feet and hands. When I forget you put your hand in my mouth and give me your beautiful smile.

You think daddy is the funniest person and you have a special giggle reserved especially for him.

You are already a sociable little man and love spending time with your friends.

Every day I look forward to our new adventures, every day is different and every day we both learn something new.

You make me burst with pride.

Ready for business!

We've done it/ Barney has done the majority of it! Last week was a sweat getting the bakery ready in time to open for the season. Barney assured me we'd get it all done but it's the type of job that involved turning the bakery upside down and then piecing it all back, only really coming together on the last day.

But now the bakery has been thoroughly scrubbed, painted, rubbish removed and new purchases put in place. We have a new sink and splash back, not sure when that type of thing became exciting but it is! We only had a few spats and I was only sent out of the bakery once (maybe twice...). Marcus has been a complete star, lucky the spotlights and shiny ovens are very interesting, but it was very difficult to get a job finished as really there is no where safe to put him what with machinery and a terracotta tiled floor. Our very lovely friend Natalie took Marcus for a morning to play with her little girl which was a godsend and really gave us a chance to finish the cleaning.

On Monday Barney was up and baking at 5.30am so that is that, the season has started. It' s sure to be full of surprises and of course a bit of madness (eg. 'how walnutty is the walnut bread?') but that's all part of the fun.

The bakery opening is also the end of our extended 'babymoon.' Marcus and I have been so lucky to spend the past six months with Barney at home the majority of the time. The past five years that Barney and I have been together have been amazing, getting a house, getting married, buying a business, finding out we were having a baby. But we have also faced some difficult times, nearly being homeless and leaving St. Martin's, Barney loosing his job and of course loosing our dear Dan. It makes my head just spin thinking about it all. However the past six months have been magical, a time to adjust to life as a family and a time to just stop and focus on one thing, Marcus.

Whilst my heart feels a little heavy that this time has ended I also feel excited for all that is to come and all that the three of us still have to share. I will be working bits and pieces at the bakery and doing a few hours for Scilly Flowers but mainly I will be at home with my little man and I feel extremely lucky to have the chance to spend my days with him.

If my blog were a book, we'd now be at Part 2- Home Alone....