Sunday, 27 April 2014

A few makes

I've finally finished a few projects that I have been pottering away with between baby naps and in the evenings.

I decided I wanted to give our living room a bit of attention. Unlike the other rooms in the house I really don't know what colour I want to paint it, even after 3 years of living here. I think I like it neutral but I'm not really ready to repaint all of the walls (it is a large room!) just to change the peachy shade of magnolia for something more chalky. It will have to wait! So I thought a few little changes would bring everything together. I decided to start with cushion covers. I wanted to make some without spending any money, I used left over fabric from previous projects and an old red throw-blanket.

These are the covers that I've made...

..and here they are with the cushions I already had. (Please note there is no way Barney would let me have all of these on one sofa, they are in fact spread across two sofas and the armchair and I've promised not to make anymore.)

I'm not overly convinced on the red but it's growing on me.

Two of my good friends have recently had new baby boys. I wanted to make a crochet blanket for baby Jowan. I really like the colours and would love to make a similar one for Marcus. 

For baby Roman I had a different idea, he is a fox cub after all being a member of the Foxworthy family! I made a taggy foxy for baby and a plain foxy for his older brother Ashton. I also made one for Marcus, he loves ribbons and different textures so I thought I'd try out making one for him first to see if the idea of a taggy fox would work.

I hope the Foxworthy boys enjoy their foxes as much as Marcus...

Having finished these WIPs I'm really looking forward to starting some new makes. I have some chunky wool waiting to become a cushion cover and have already ordered fabric for not one but two patchwork blankets. Watch this space...

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