Monday, 5 May 2014


The little things making me happy..

* Fresh flowers in the house.

* The arrival in the post of some lovely fabric and the beginnings of a new project.

* A milky coffee first thing in the morning...

*... and a gin and tonic on the sofa in the evening.

* Putting Marcus to bed and then going to look at the view from our bedroom window because, well, it's stunning.

The big things making me happy...

Spending the weekend with my family and very good friends. We went to cheer Barney on as he rowed in the World Pilot Gig Championships with the St. Martin's men. It was such a fantastic weekend, 140 plus crews took part, the sun shone and the sea was calm. 

(Picture taken from The Isles of Scilly Facebook page)

On Sunday night Barney and I headed to the pub without Marcus. Yes we've had our first evening out! A perfect end to a lovely couple of days.

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