Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ready for business!

We've done it/ Barney has done the majority of it! Last week was a sweat getting the bakery ready in time to open for the season. Barney assured me we'd get it all done but it's the type of job that involved turning the bakery upside down and then piecing it all back, only really coming together on the last day.

But now the bakery has been thoroughly scrubbed, painted, rubbish removed and new purchases put in place. We have a new sink and splash back, not sure when that type of thing became exciting but it is! We only had a few spats and I was only sent out of the bakery once (maybe twice...). Marcus has been a complete star, lucky the spotlights and shiny ovens are very interesting, but it was very difficult to get a job finished as really there is no where safe to put him what with machinery and a terracotta tiled floor. Our very lovely friend Natalie took Marcus for a morning to play with her little girl which was a godsend and really gave us a chance to finish the cleaning.

On Monday Barney was up and baking at 5.30am so that is that, the season has started. It' s sure to be full of surprises and of course a bit of madness (eg. 'how walnutty is the walnut bread?') but that's all part of the fun.

The bakery opening is also the end of our extended 'babymoon.' Marcus and I have been so lucky to spend the past six months with Barney at home the majority of the time. The past five years that Barney and I have been together have been amazing, getting a house, getting married, buying a business, finding out we were having a baby. But we have also faced some difficult times, nearly being homeless and leaving St. Martin's, Barney loosing his job and of course loosing our dear Dan. It makes my head just spin thinking about it all. However the past six months have been magical, a time to adjust to life as a family and a time to just stop and focus on one thing, Marcus.

Whilst my heart feels a little heavy that this time has ended I also feel excited for all that is to come and all that the three of us still have to share. I will be working bits and pieces at the bakery and doing a few hours for Scilly Flowers but mainly I will be at home with my little man and I feel extremely lucky to have the chance to spend my days with him.

If my blog were a book, we'd now be at Part 2- Home Alone....

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