Tuesday, 19 August 2014

It's been a while

Well it’s been a while since I’ve visited this space. To be honest with the instant photo and message sharing apps it’s so easy to keep up with friends and family, to send a picture and share a snippet of our day, that I was beginning to think this blog was redundant. However I was looking through photos, remembering days out and play afternoons and thought how I missed having a written record of our life together so here I am!

Life at the moment is great. Really great. I never thought that seeing 5.30am on the clock would be an achievement or that my favourite way to spend an evening would be homemade pizza, wine and a good film (ok that’s a lie, I’ve always enjoyed that!) but I’m very happy. Of course the highlight of the summer has to be my sister’s wedding. It was a perfect, beautiful, fun day overflowing with love. Sorry for the slush but this is little sister getting married! Kate looked radiant, serene, graceful and so so happy. Mike made the most wonderful speech and I just feel so grateful to know my sister has got herself a top notch husband. Everyone deserves a life full of love and I’m really happy to think of Kate and Mike sharing theirs together.

Back on St. Martin’s this summer has not disappointed. There have been weeks of sunny, hot days. The house has been full of light and flowers. We’ve spent hours on the beach, playing in the paddling pool and hanging out with friends. One afternoon I even dared to get the finger paints out…

We’ve invested in a couple of new carriers now that Marcus is getting bigger. I’ve rediscovered a new coastal path that is a safe distance from the cliff edge (I don’t trust myself on some of the paths when I’m walking on my own!) and love getting on the back of the island. Barney has been working very hard at the bakery but as we have more staff due to me needing to be at home, I’ve got to spend more time with Barney this summer than ever before. We’ve had a fab few  family days out to Bryher, Tresco and St. Agnes. But we’ve also just enjoyed being together playing at home, on the beach, in the garden and eating together, sometimes even at the pub! It makes me feel so fulfilled to see Barney enjoy fatherhood so much. He is such a fantastic Dad.

As for Marcus, well he is such a little monkey. His little character really is shining through and he is such a joy to spend time with. Sometimes in the evening I think I can’t wait to see him the next day. This is largely due to the fact we have cracked his sleeping- touch wood! He is very happy pottering and playing on his own, his favourite thing is the washing machine but he still loves his jungle gym, all be it climbing it rather than lying under it! He is getting the hang of the walker but mainly enjoys sucking the wooden bar. Story time is a big hit and any book with flaps is reading material of choice. Who knew ‘playing ball’ was so very exciting? Lots of squeals and arm flapping bless him. However nothing beats blowing raspberries. It’s a lovely stage to be at. 

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