Thursday, 18 July 2013

Jetting away on a speed boat (sort of)

On Saturday I met Barney at the bakery and once the door was locked we headed straight down to higher town quay and jumped on the Lightening to Bryher. As soon as we were on the boat it felt like our little holiday had begun, just the two of us sitting outside admiring the stunning views that can sometimes become all too easy to take for granted. 

We stayed at Hell Bay Hotel, it was my treat to Barney to celebrate a year of the bakery lease. It is hard to believe a year has gone by and it really is Barney who has made it all happen, getting the business up and running to support our growing household. The hotel was lovely, we swam in a heated (!) pool, had some fantastic food and spent Sunday wandering around Bryher not quite knowing where we were and being tourists. I spotted these gorgeous sunflowers on an honesty stall and of course they had to come home with us.

Last week after work we managed to fit in lots of swimming in the sea. The tide was perfect, coming in over the hot sand and being nice and high by 6.30pm. I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed swimming in the sea over here as much as I have over the past couple weeks. This week high tide is later meaning it is harder to be tempted to go in!

We have eaten alfresco most evenings, making the most of our BBQ. Barney has dug up our potatoes and we have been enjoying meat from the local butchers, fresh mackerel and a very special treat of St. Martin's lobster. A big thank you to Keith, our local fisherman, who gave us the lobster as a congratulations for being in the bakery for a year.

The warm weather has also got my sweet peas going and I have just cut a load from the garden. I have been told the more you pick them the more they grow so I am happy to indulge in this method! I love sweet peas, to me they really are a symbol of a traditional English garden in summer.

25 weeks

It is nice to be at that stage where people are confident to ask you when your baby is due rather than just wondering, pregnant or on the chubby side?! On the downside swollen ankles and sore feet are not so nice. Still, a small price to pay for our little one!

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