Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lots of doing and a little bit of not doing

I have been enjoying the summer days, admiring stunning foxgloves dotted around the island, eating island grown strawberries and finding a bargain bunch of British peonies in Co-Op.


As well as enjoying the little things there has been plenty going on and lots of being out and about.

We had a lovely week with Duane. He was a very dedicated friend getting up at 5.30am to go to work with Barney to help with the bake (this mainly involved being chief coffee maker) as well as being a great help around the house. It was lovely coming home to the washing up being done and the wet washing having been hung out after I had forgotten to do it before work. Duane helped Barney to move our new sideboard into place, although did look slightly bewildered at my excitement over rearranging photo frames, vases and all the pretty 'stuff' we have accumulated!

The boys enjoyed a Sunday of playing cricket, we spent a day supporting the lovely St. Martin's folk who took part in the Tresco Triathlon and took advantage a a lovely evening by hopping on the supper boat to go off-island for dinner. 

Duane and I also braved a not so nice evening to go and support Barney in his gig race. I say we 'braved' the weather but it was really Barney who was brave as he was soaked after rowing in such a choppy sea!

So, as usual after someone has left the house feels very quiet. But today the weather has not been very nice at all so it was with no guilt that I spent an afternoon indoors doing some house work, catching up with some admin and spending an hour reading my Country Living mag (before having a little snooze!). This type of weather calls for some comfort food so this evening I am going to cook toad-in-the-hole, delicious.

Finally, I haven't forgotten my weekly bump picture. (Well I had but I have a helpful app on my phone that tells me weekly how baby is developing). 

Week 23

Yes it's getting bigger! I have been feeling some aches and pains, but it is a nice feeling, nice to feel like something is happening and my little baby is getting a little stronger each day.

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