Friday, 11 October 2013

The best made plans

So, according to my plan I will now have finished the nursery curtains, the freezer will be full of home cooked meals ready for our convenience and the house will be sparkling clean, everything organised and ready for 29th October, our due date. However it would seem our little bundle had a different plan and couldn't wait any longer to come into the world.

Marcus Daniel McLachlan, born 7.23pm on October 1st on route to Truro on the Royal Navy Search and Rescue helicopter XV705.

After a week in hospital full of joy and fear, tears and laughter we finally brought baby Marcus home on Monday. As we flew over the islands, Marcus fast asleep enjoying the sounds of the aeroplane, it felt like Christmas. I cannot explain the feeling of excitement, the feeling that we have all this to share with our little man.

Being home was overwhelming and after the routines of hospital it felt difficult to know where to begin. A lovely friend made us a very tasty bolognese for our first night, I cannot explain how welcome this was, tasty food with very little effort! (Enjoyed with a little glass of sparkly..)

After an initial flurry on unpacking (and throwing away all the mouldy food in our fridge!) I sat in the front room listening to Barney chopping wood in the garden, our cat happily purring away and little Marcus murmuring in his sleep next to me in his carrycot. I don't think life can get any better.

The cards and gifts we have received have been overwhelming. So many people are so excited about our  new arrival, he certainly is a lucky boy.

Our lives have changed forever but it is already hard to imagine what life was like before Marcus came along. My heart is so full of love for my two boys.

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