Sunday, 27 October 2013

The C word

Is it too early the C word? I'm going to anyway, Christmas is coming!! I know some people dread the festive time of year and feel it gets dragged out for months but I LOVE Christmas. I love the list writing, the planning and thinking of gifts for people.

I know Marcus is going to have no idea what Christmas is this year but I wanted to give him one gift that could be used in years to come, a gift that he will come to know was given to him on his first Christmas. I decided to make a Christmas stocking.

Firstly I ordered a selection of fabrics from ebay. For £10.50 I got the most gorgeous package of fabric scraps. I got out some other bits and pieces that were hanging around in my craft box to get the creative juices flowing.

I found a great tutorial online for making a 'stitch and flip' patchwork stocking. Good old Kirstie Allsop, here is the link if you fancy giving it a go- it really is very easy!

So one afternoon I found I had some time to start playing...

And I got hooked. A couple hours later, with a few interruptions from the little man, the stocking was finished! I was shocked it came together so quickly and minus a little issue with the lining at the top, very happy with the end result, voila...

We have a Christmas craft fair on St. Martins at the beginning of December and I am considering making a few to sell, along with maybe some patchwork hearts, but I am going to be realistic and see  if the time presents itself. 

Anyway back to the planning of a Halloween party, I'll think some more about Christmas next month.

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