Friday, 15 November 2013

A new addition to the family

Last week was the week of the McLachlans. Despite a slight set back with the weather everyone made it over to St. Martins. And it turned out being stranded on St. Marys in the Star Castle hotel presented Tom with a pretty good opportunity...

Barney and I couldn't be happier for a more lovely couple!

Ellen is already a firm part of the family but I am a believer that marriage cements relationships, not just between husband and wife but between family members. I am very excited to have a lovely sister-in-law and fellow Mrs E McLachlan!

I am sure Ellen will agree with me that the McLachlan family is a special family to be a part of.

Plus Jo needs some help with all those boys! That is slightly unfair, they all managed very well with a week full of baby and wedding talk!

We had some lovely weather when everyone was here and spent a particularly nice day on Tresco. It felt more like spring than autumn with the hydrangeas coming into flower already.

We had hoped to spot the red squirrels that have been recently released on Tresco but instead we saw this very colourful and confident pheasant!

We had lunch in the New Inn, I will always have a special affection for that pub given it's where my waters broke! We spotted this signed picture of the Culdrose navy helicopter and of course Marcus had to have his photograph taken next to it. Poor thing, he's never going to live down his arrival into this world!

Back on St. Martin's we took advantage of a low tide and some sunshine to walk across the flats, it was hard to believe it was November.

Marcus loved the week with his family. Grandma got lots of smiles, Ellen got lots of cuddles and Uncle Tom got hi-fives. But one of his favourite times was being sung to by Grandpa.

Barney and I are now desperately trying to remember the songs of our childhood to sing to the little man because he really does love it. However I don't think it will be a patch on Stuart's rendition of The Rose of Tralee!

Everyone has left now but it is less than a month until we head back to the mainland for Christmas. We can't wait for more memory making times with our families.

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