Saturday, 23 November 2013

Settling down

After an exciting and nerve wracking first three weeks as a new family followed by a couple of weeks of visitors, we are now settling down. Settling into a new type of normal now we are plus one.

Thank you cards have been written, posted to the mainland and delivered across the island. Over a hundred new baby cards have come down and the front room is looking a little bare!

But it feels like we are getting into a relaxed pattern and the days seem to be passing by very quickly. The mornings start with coffee, followed by baby smiles as it is definitely Marcus's favourite time of day.

We have small aims each day like to get the house hoovered or attacking bakery paper work. I have learnt to lower my expectations as to what I can achieve. I attempted to get my sewing machine out earlier this week but this was not to be- my plans for homemade Christmas presents have now gone out of the window!

In between these little activities we are busy undertaking important jobs like making friends.

And chilling with daddy on the sofa.

We have also been meeting with friends. Marcus is the third baby to be born in a baby boom year on St. Martin's. The fourth was born 5 hours after him, the fifth was born on Friday and the sixth is due in spring, exciting times for a small island! Marcus is very lucky to already have so many pals and it is pretty good for me too! We have had our first baby and toddler group at the new reading room and it was great fun. Marcus really loved it and soaked up all the noise and activity around him.

The weather has been a mixture of strong gales and glorious sunshine, it is the time of year where I have a woolly hat in one pocket and sunglasses in the other!

We have been meeting up with the other babies and mummies for walks and it has been great to get out for some good exercise and fresh air. In fact our walks have been too long, we haven't had time to stop for tea at the end, something that we need to rectify!

Mostly we have been learning so much about our little man.

He loves-
  • Music, he concentrates so hard when it is playing and has such a funny expression.
  • Light, there is nothing more interesting than our living room lamp.
  • Bath time, he loves being in the water and has learnt in can kick his legs against the side.
  • The bell in his stripy whale, it provides entertainment for approx. 3 mins.

He hates-
  • His hat, is there anything more insulting than having a hat put on?
  • Getting ready for the bath.
  • Getting out of the bath.
  • 5pm, not a good time of day!

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  1. Hi Ella, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Congratulations on the birth of your son! I'd forgotten how impossible it is to get anything done with a little one around. Just relax and enjoy the cuddles. x