Sunday, 8 December 2013

A first time for everything

As you get older your first experiences get fewer and far between, maybe trying an exotic food or travelling somewhere new. However as a parent your 'firsts' come thick and fast, even the smallest activity having an extra significance. Of course there is the important milestones, the first smile (although this was debated!).

The first time Marcus rolled over, the first time his eyes followed one of us across the room, the first time he grabbed at something, the first time he kicked his legs in the bath, making his first cooing sounds

Then of course there are the first activities. The first pub lunch in The Mermaid.

The first picnic on the beach.

First swimming lesson, first Christmas Fayre, first afternoon tea outing to Polreath. It is amazing watching Marcus absorb all of the new sounds, people and lights when we take him somewhere different. His little furrowed brow just melts my heart.

Unfortunately not all of the firsts are that enjoyable. This week Marcus had his first injections. He is now suffering with his first cold, heartbreaking and exhausting for us all! The best cure of all being snuggles on the sofa.

Aside from all of these momentous first occasions (well momentous for Barney and I..) there have been a few lovely little things brightening my life.

I was originally going to call this post 'life is rosey' as I've been enjoying theses gorgeous yellow roses I treated myself to.

My wonderful sister also sent me this fab pamper pack the other day. It was completely out of the blue and really brightened my day! Thank you Kate x

The silver lining to the shorter days is being able to enjoy the most magical morning and evening skies. Every day is different; steely greys, mauves, watery pinks and fierce oranges. Just stunning.

However what with the lurgy hanging over our house this title didn't seem quite right. This week would have also seen us celebrating the 40th birthday of my lovely late brother in law Dan. I like to think Dan is looking down and watching Marcus's first experiences, I can picture the big smile on his face. I know for sure he would be proud of Barney for being such a fantastic dad. (And husband of course, do you know I haven't cooked a single meal since Marcus was born. Every day Barney cooks up a lovely home cooked meal without thinking anything of it. Thank you Barney x)

So now we are are preparing for Marcus's first Christmas, much more exciting for us than him! We are flying off on Thursday and I really can't wait to see everyone. But for now I have a serious amount to get organised in the next few days, the list writing has commenced! See you all in 2014!

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