Saturday, 3 August 2013

A peek inside the bakery

So the school holidays are here, the islands are filling up, tripper boats are ferrying people around and there is a gentle hum of industrious work as islanders are beavering away. It is hard not to look at visitors with a slight pang of jealousy, I really can't think of many better places to spend a relaxing holiday, enjoying stunning scenery.

These are the busiest few weeks at the bakery and I am pleased to say it is all going well so far! My Mum showed my Grandma my blog and she had never seen a picture of the bakery until then. I thought I would post some pictures of the inside of the shop for you Grandma for the next time you look!

Just a little snippet of what we do, although I realise I haven't taken a photo of the pasties which are one of our best sellers! Anyway here is the main man himself, although this is a joint venture Barney really does do the vast majority of the work and very proud of him I am too!

 27 weeks
My 27 weeks photo taken earlier this week in the theme of this post, at the bakery. Officially the last week of my second trimester.

Aside from working there really has been a lot going on this week. We has the annual St. Martin's fete, a big day on the island calendar. There was also time for a sneaky ladies night out to Tresco, it was a fab night and lovely to catch up and have a laugh with everyone. In the summer holidays everyone is so busy working you realise you haven't seen each other for ages so this was a well deserved break.

The weather has been typically British with some rain, wind and sun. It is still very warm though and there was the most amazing light over the campsite as I walked home the other evening.

The light was also shining on our house, not a bad place to live...

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