Friday, 23 August 2013

Chatting, relaxing and more chatting

Last week mum and dad came to stay on St. Martin's. It is always lovely to have them here as they are so enthusiastic about the islands and love getting out and exploring. Whether is was watching seals from a bay on Bryher or walking the St. Martin's flats, they always came back with a story to tell from their adventures. Sometimes it is easy to get swept away in the day to day goings on so it is great to have a reminder about the special place where we live.

Of course the most important thing about them coming to stay is the chatting, and plenty of chatting there was! Although we speak regularly on the phone it is not the same as in person and there always seems to be things to catch up on. There was lots of talking about the baby and it was great to be able to share with Mum and Dad all the things we have have prepared for our new arrival. Mum even got to feel the baby moving which was pretty special.

It is also just to do the nice things that we can't do living so far away, the little things I really miss like having a coffee and gossip with mum.

Watching dad read in his chair (he has one here as well as in his own home!) and sitting on the beach, you guessed it, chatting. 

Saying good bye wasn't sad, it was strange though. When they next visit will they have a grandchild or will I be lying like a rather grumpy beached whale waiting for the baby to come? Time will tell! And I am sure it will be fly by and before we know it we will all be together again.

Catching up with the baby bump...

29 weeks

30 weeks

Poor dad was a little shocked by my bump but seeing these photos I'm not that surprised!

We are approaching the last week of August and I still can't believe what a fantastic summer it has been. Mum said she has never seen the agapanthus in such full bloom across the islands and she is right, they are particularly vibrant this year.

The moon has also been spectacular the last few nights, I took this photo at a friend's BBQ but it really doesn't do it justice!

So this weekend I have five very important ladies coming to stay, I am just a little bit excited! But before they arrive let the cooking marathon commence...

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