Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A visit from my lovelies

This weekend five of my very dedicated friends made the long trip down from London and across to see me on my small island. Although it was October that we were last all together, as soon as I met them from the boat it was like we'd only been hanging out the other weekend. I've known these girls since I was 14 and the familiarity we all have when we meet up is a sign of true friendship. I feel very lucky to have such lovely ladies in my life!

We spent LOTS of time talking and catching up. In between the gossipping we made time for walking...

..eating (cream teas of course, we are from Devon after all!)

.. and relaxing on the beach whilst Tamsin and Keira decided to go for a dip!

The girls had even arranged a surprise baby shower for me and I felt very spoilt. I had some lovely gifts and we played some fun games, some of which got a bit competitive! Finally we decorated some baby grows with fabric paints, such a lovely idea.

The girls left on Monday afternoon and although it was short, we certainly made the most of our time together. I miss them all and I'm already looking forward to arranging our next get together. To cheer myself up I brought these Belladonna lilies for the princely sum of £1.

Belladonna's are always a sign to me that the season is drawing to a close so seeing them out already has thrown me somewhat!


31 weeks

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