Monday, 23 September 2013

A last minute treat

I feel like a very lucky girl. I have lots of lovely people in my life but I think a friend who travels to see me jet lagged without sleep for 23 hours, 2 days after returning from Australia needs a special mention. Thank you Jenny. And April thank you for returning from a work trip from Dublin at 1am and leaving less than 12 hours later to get the Scillonian here. And thank you Jon for coming down with the girls and bringing an awesome selection of wine (so I've been told, although yes I did have a couple of glasses...)

It was a last minute plan for Jenny, Jon and April to come and visit this weekend but this made me feel even more spoilt. I like the image of Jenny driving Jon's Jag, picking April and Jon up from a comedy club at 1.30am and then starting a 12 hour journey, all just to see me!

We had the most wonderful time catching up. Jon was roped into playing cricket after being on the island for less than 1 hour and didn't complain once. It was like the old days of living together in our student house, drinking, eating olives and talking A LOT. But rather than discussing where our futures were going, discussing what has been happening in our lives. I think we are pretty much following the paths we predicted for each other 5 years ago. Jenny working in TV, travelling, keeping a bunch of men in check and being the life and soul of every party. April working hard and playing hard, living life to the full enjoying music, wine and good food. Me, well the girls always knew I'd be settled in the countryside (although maybe they hadn't guessed an island..), married to the man of my dreams. 

This weekend has been autumnal and everyone whole heartedly embraced my idea of black berry picking. 

Of course all the hard work called for cake and beer, ginger beer for me. 

(Sorry April, I have no idea why you are pulling that funny face!)

We had enough blackberries to make a crumble to follow our gorgeous roast beef (thanks Barney) and I have enough left over to possibly make some jam if I have time!

I know the guys will be on their way back to London now and I am already planning our next meet up, although next time we will have a new little person in our group. Yes, the girls did also predict I'd be the first to have a baby!

33- 34 weeks

I've failed, I haven't got a picture of every week of my pregnancy but this is at 33/34 weeks and to be honest I don't think there was a lot of change between those two weeks. Still I'll get back on it for my 35 week photo.

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