Sunday, 15 September 2013

Jam & Jo

Last Sunday was miserable and grey, it was lovely. It is the first Sunday Barney and I have had at home for  a long time, in fact I found it hard to relax to begin with- surely we have lots of do?! But swept up in the autumnal feel I had the urge to do something homely and crafty. I saw this recipe on one of my favourite blogs and thought I'd give it a go, rhubarb and vanilla jam.

It was nice just to potter around the kitchen, sterilising the jars, testing the jam with the 'wrinkle test.'

And I can confirm the end result is very tasty...

I also got the spare room ready for Jo's arrival. Unfortunately someone decided the clean sheets were especially for her!

Jo arrived on Tuesday and we have had a lovely time, it has just gone so quickly! As usual we have spent a lot of time talking and putting the world the rights. We also managed to fit in a couple of very nice meals out as well as some spending a couple of rainy afternoons watching films. The weather hasn't been great but yesterday was glorious. Poor Barney was at work whilst Jo and I went for a walk and a paddle in the sea, it was very tempting to go for a swim!

Mostly it has just been nice to have time together. Have a safe journey home Jo! 

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