Friday, 31 January 2014


One of the lovely things about winter is having more time for craftiness. I'm brimming with ideas of things I would love to make. As Marcus has become more settled I've found I have been able to steal some time for myself. I've been baking, sewing and crocheting in between naps. My crochet blanket is coming along and the granny squares are piling up.

Of course I couldn't leave Marcus out of all the fun. We had a great morning at the island hall with the babies doing footprints. Obviously I got much more enjoyment out of this than Marcus. He was as good as gold but quite baffled by it all! 

I turned the footprints into hearts, bees and ducks. They now have pride of place on our kitchen cupboard. I really enjoyed making something quick that looked effective. It was a nice change from my usual type of fiddly craft project that that takes weeks if not months to complete!

Talking of being crafty, look at this gorgeous handmade wedding invitation that we received this week, so exciting!

This weekend is set to be another wet and windy one. Looks like it'll be spent chilling with this little man in front of he fire, not a bad way to pass the time...

Here are a couple of other things making me smile.

These gorgeous tulips, such a lovely colour.

Today I had mummies and babies over for tea and lemon drizzle cake. One of my friends turned up with a little present for Marcus, tiny welly boots covered in helicopters. Apparently she couldn't resist. They are so cute and now have pride of place on our boot rack. Thank you Natalie.

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