Saturday, 18 January 2014


I don't mind the odd day of wind and rain in fact I love cosying up inside but it sort of feels like wind and rain are the norm at the moment. Perhaps I'm noticing the weather more because getting out and about with a baby when the weather is miserable is much more of a challenge. There is more to think of such as waterproof covers, coats, extra blankets, whether it is to windy to get over to St. Marys on a boat. On the plus side it makes me want to make the most of any little bit of sunshine we do get. Last Saturday was glorious, we went on two long walks and then I took Marcus out for a third walk to watch the sun go down, it was just too nice to be inside!

The rain came back on Sunday and it has sort of been on and off all week. We still managed to get out and about here and there, meeting friends, going to a baby massage course, seeing the health visitor. Barney managed a whole day of gardening, cutting the hedge and even planting our four new fruit trees, very exciting. Marcus and I offered moral support, during the breaks in the rain of course.

Sometimes it is best just to go with the weather rather than trying to fight it. As we have started thinking about the bakery next season I took the opportunity to test a few new recipes, gingerbread and orange hearts and crumpets. Trying tasty food is definitely a perk of the job!

The most significant thing that has happened since arriving home is moving Marcus' cot into our room. He loves the space and we have often found him lying spread eagle horizontally across the mattress! But most impressive is he is now sleeping for 11 hours stretches and waking only once or twice. Goodness I'm almost starting to feel human again! Even though it is wonderful that he is sleeping and lovely to have my evenings with Barney back, I can't help but sneak upstairs to look at him every now and then because I miss him.

Such an angel (most of the time!).

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